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Charles Barkley Hardcore Pawn

Charles Barkley: Round Mound of Advertising Gold

When the cameras turn on, Charles Barkley remains the same. His candid approach to telling the truth and his affinity for four-letter words are as appealing to fans as they are alarming to sensors. Sir Charles’ comments about reality TV show “Hardcore Pawn”, a TNT sponsor, should come as no surprise. I’d call it a […]

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Russell Westbrook: Small Hadron Collider

Russell Westbrook dunks hard. So hard, in fact, that my esteemed digital acquaintance made the below observation: I swear, when Russell Westbrook dunks, he’s trying to split the atoms of the basketball. — Shahe Bagerdjian (@Suga_Shane) February 27, 2012  

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Tom Thibodeau: Spitting Bull

Tom Thibodeau’s intense nature translates to his players. From the starters to the bench, Bulls players take on Thibs’ facade. And now it’s paying off with his first All-Star appearance. Congrats you loud, crazy man.                               Image is from something I […]

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Mark Twain NBA Basketball Air

Air Twain Makes his Mark

Mark Twain is insulted by the attention given to Ivy League standout Jeremy Lin. “He’s the smartest guy ever to play in the league… he’s so smart… wow, what a brain on that kid… yada yada”, said a visibly upset Twain. “People forget how fast I was; how many ankles I broke.” Here’s a closer look […]

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