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Path of a Tweet

The Path of a Tweet

There are a couple of basic ways we tend to view life’s journey: Either you’re in control or you’re along for the ride. The former can place undo blame on oneself while the latter leads to complacency. It’s with this in mind that we strategically dabble between action and acceptance — “I should fight for […]

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NBA Jersey Styles

NBA Jersey Ads: Just Say No

According to the proverbial “industry source”, advertisements on NBA jerseys may become a reality in the near future. At first that sounds rather hilarious. But upon introspection, basketball fans should be insulted. This league is heaped in both tradition and style. The uniforms have changed, yes, but it’s been a gradual evolution in tune with […]

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Tony Parker Slimeball

Tony Parker: Picky Rings

Tony Parker is a teddy bear with a French twist. He’s got big shiny rings on his little soft mitts. But take a close look at those friendly hands, And you’ll notice he’s lacking a wedding band. So even though Tony truly loves rings, He picks and chooses through devilish schemes. Considering the woman he […]

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