Charles Barkley: Round Mound of Advertising Gold

When the cameras turn on, Charles Barkley remains the same. His candid approach to telling the truth and his affinity for four-letter words are as appealing to fans as they are alarming to sensors.

Sir Charles’ comments about reality TV show “Hardcore Pawn”, a TNT sponsor, should come as no surprise. I’d call it a gaffe had it caused embarrassment to the originator. But, as the Round Mound proves time and again, a man who is secure with himself cannot be moved (whether on-court or on-air). If you haven’t seen the video, here’s a look:

There’s a lot about the ensuing interaction that is comedic gold: Particularly Kenny Smith attempting to stop Barkley dead in his tracks by pleading “Let it go!” before Greg Anthony urges him on.

The reaction on Twitter was enthusiastic, to say the least. Here’s a snapshot from Bruce Arthur:

And while it’s hard to capture the hilarity in one succinct image, here’s my attempt at a design:

Charles Barkley Hardcore Pawn Shirt
We all know that Charles Barkley rocks the mic: But is it wrong or is it right? Considering that both the network and the sponsor received a huge publicity spike, and I received a new t-shirt, it’s safe to say Barkley is doing big things for others.

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